There’s a ghost in my house! Nope not this time!


Ok, so many may have noticed the big fiasco happening in the paranormal world at the moment, in the sunny lands of Lancashire a ‘ghost’ has invaded a certain woman’s house and is causing all kinds of disturbances both in her house and across social media, and quite frankly I’ve held my opinion long enough!

This lady opened up a Facebook page to show the world what was happening to her and to upload videos of the apparent hauntings!
For those who haven’t seen these I do apologise but I don’t wish to send anymore traffic the way of the page as I condone the behaviour of this person! (There is a good chance people will know what I’m talking about)

Basically what I’m saying is it is a massive pile of lies designed to drag people in and gain attention!

Now I know the usually follow up to this is:

How fucking dare you!
If you don’t believe then get the fuck off the page!

And also,

You don’t know nothing about this no one is an expert!

Well I like to think that although no one is an expert I’m definitely up there enough with the research in paranormal to prove each piece of this waste of time to be a massive hoax!

So I sat watching the comments and videos keeping my usual loud mouth shut, (except the odd help and advice to people being disgustingly abused for having an opinion) this was mainly due to the fact that anyone who mentioned it may not be true was booted and blocked from the page (now what fun would it be to let this happen and not get all the info I can)

At this point I would like to say that I would not like to assume or theorise but would rather thoroughly investigate except she will not let anyone investigate even pointing people towards a news channel to communicate a lot of my investigations are done with a strict confidentiality agreement and i am not comfortable with media coverage due to their insatiable appetite to twist the truth, in this case I just have to come out and put my theories forward!

So i looked through the videos, and firstly noticed the simple answer to each!

The cup video here here

The cup is obviously gently tugged using a fine fishing line attached to the handle of the cup! No magnets involved as I’ve heard a few times, assuming this is a tin cup you would struggle to create this using magnets! (Tin is magnetic but not strongly magnetic definitely not for something like this)

Whoever the accomplice is, is gently moving the cup to the right side by pulling on a string and
then once she is in position with the camera they are moving around behind her out of shot (watch the rather strange movements of the camera during the break in movement, she is stood still then at the perfect moment begins to fidget slightly) and once the accomplice begins pulling the cup in the other direction! An obvious hoax but many fell for it!

Then comes the flowers here

Well this is easily achieved, you could place anything in that vase with those flowers, be it remote control or a live small rodent!

Then the Ouija board here

This is the same as the string, the planchette is only being pulled into place and she is pulling it back to its original position if you notice the direction it moves it is not spelling anything it is just moving seemingly on its own! (But it’s not)
When her fingers grip the planchette the force of the string lifts the nib of the planchette showing its a frontal pull, then the grand finale pull the planchette off the board! Scary if it wasn’t so basic!

And then the guitar here

This can easily be a recording layered over the video, it’s also very similar to the sound if you pulled, once again a string through the guitar strings very gently back and forward the pluck sound can be made with a couple of knots in the string!

Next up is the coin in the jar!

Well this is obviously more string play, note the fact that although trying to prove a point by putting the jar around it somehow you forget to secure the lid in place (you know to make the point it’s sealed?!?)
Once again we witness the object moving from one point only lifting at the same point!

So next to the spoon!!!

Again string play, look at the singular lifting point and it doesn’t take a degree in physics to know what happens if you freely lift just the end of the handle of a spoon!
Again a grand finale of the spoon floating up and falling off the counter!

I’m sure we are all getting the picture by now!!!

So it brings me onto the now non existent ouija video (strangely removed) that ‘incidentally’ showed the string in action luckily a few people managed to screen grab it:


I will repeat myself in saying I hate the idea of theorising without investigation but from my experience this is what’s happening!

These tricks are playground tricks at best she obviously did not do her research about the real paranormal world and the actual investigators out there, there is no wool over their eyes!

I think it’s about time it ends, it’s not good for the paranormal community, it’s not good for her and it’s not good for anyone being swallowed into it!
She should realise that this isn’t just attention this can be nasty attention (pitchforks and all) and the Facebook comments show it leading that way!

Visit the Facebook Page here!

This is me & this is my blog! ParaRationalise!


Well seeing as I posted this a long time ago I thought it was time for an update!
As we know in the paranormal world most people would hold there beliefs until there dying day but mine evolve with the research so a lot has changed over time!

I was previously a paranormal researcher and Investigator with Gloucester Paranormal Research (GPR)
I have made the move away from GPR as our research interests took 2 different routes, they are a great bunch and I wish them the best of luck on there journey!

Now I am the Founder and Lead researcher and investigator of this little corner of the paranormal world called ParaRationalise!

I have many years under my belt in the research of the paranormal specialising in “ghosts”,”spirits”, “entities” or what ever you wish to call them!
This research included a wonderful list of topics such as:
Anomalistic psychology
Behavioural Psychology
Spirit photography
Near Death Experiences
Fortean Phenomena
Mental illusionism
Body language and Cold reading techniques
Hoax methodology
Paranormal equipment
Quantum physics and theory
Scientific methodology
And pretty much everything else this massive research path has taken me towards!
Don’t get me wrong I am not waving masters degrees in the faces of anyone this is just years of an intense interest that has followed me since my brain was able to make sense of its first scribble of ink on a piece of paper!

I have had more than my fair share of personal paranormal experiences and usually when I speak about them to various people they are astonished that I am a sceptic at all, it’s true that most people would become outright believers from these situations, I did for a number of years which sent me down a path of studying anything spiritual and ‘ghostly’ in my reach, this soon changed as I began to realise that a lot of these situations are already explained in modern day science and psychology, I realised the potential of the brain to warp these situations and how easy it could leave someone believing something that isn’t there!

In 2012 I made the transition from paranormal book worm to a practical field investigator! My aim was to use all these years of research to hopefully forward the field of the paranormal from pseudo science to actual scientific research that could finally help fully explain the paranormal phenomena be it really in existence or just a massive imaginative world created over years through lies, misinterpretation and attention seeking!
This proved quite sickening from my point of view I realised how the paranormal world was awash with misconceptions of what I considered at that point to be obvious knowledge, from this the idea of this blog appeared as a tap for my frustration and that probably reflects in my posts so far!

Well that should begin to change!

My view point has evolved I am still frustrated at the fact that the paranormal community do not accept what is right in front of their faces but I also realise that I have an opportunity to share what I have learned and hopefully open a few minds along the way!
Now I am working on a website that I can pack full of information for anyone to use and hope this helps a lot of investigators out there still scratching there heads!

A lot of people ask me ‘why bother?’ Well the paranormal is something that sticks with me its a massive part of who I am because of those fateful experiences previously mentioned I see people wasting time on the same things I did and I feel a need to help them understand!
I’m not going to cover up the fact that some of my posts may include the odd swear word and digs at some types of investigation techniques, methodologies, opinions, beliefs or any other thing that decides to rub me up the wrong way in the world of the paranormal!

I am human, things irritate me, but nothing more than when I see a level of acceptance in the paranormal that relies purely on belief and faith that something amazing has occurred! This makes the research stagnant! All these teams out there and nothing really being found! It’s time to change that!
As It was once said:

That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence!

That’s what I do! Without valid evidence I dismiss it! Show me something amazing with backup I’m putty in your hands, or at least until I find a rational explanation then we have both learned something.

The research should come with an open mind and I don’t mean that in a ‘believe everything’ or mediumship kind of way I mean we should have an open mind to the fact our own brain will not always tell us the truth and that science has a lot of answers for the various phenomena a lot of us are or have been experiencing!
The real reasons these things happening are far more interesting than you can imagine they make the idea of ghosts and ghouls grey, boring and somewhat prehistoric once you realise what is happening!

So before you start jumping out of your seat in disgust or throwing your rather expensive laptop, phone or whatever you are reading this on across the room remember one important thing, I do have a respectful side, I appreciate the opinions and views of people within the paranormal world, remember I was a deep believer once!
I actually enjoy being proved wrong as long as the proof stands up to point!
I love to delve into the minds of others that have these interests and beliefs, I like to see how their belief system was created, how their opinions blossomed and most importantly bring the clashing information together to create the connections required to push research forward!

My belief is that the ‘evidence’ pool of the paranormal is contaminated far more than any of us would ever expect I see photos of orbs stamped as ‘evidence’ I see photos of figured shapes stamped as ‘evidence’ I see videos of meters jumping, bleeping and flashing to a beautiful synchronised pattern stamped as ‘evidence’! This isn’t really evidence!

This is the art of investigations perfect moment to step in with a heavy foot and clear mind to see what could be causing these other than anything paranormal! The team skeptic or some guy who’s joined you on an investigation because you want to convert him to the ways of your horde these people have a point, a somewhat rightful place if you are willing to call your trek around an eery haunt or a poor souls home an “investigation”! A thing to remember is this:

Using the there are these 2 important words and there meanings!


1. a person who questions the validity or authenticity of something purporting to be factual.


1. a person who believes that only selfishness motivates human actions and who disbelieves in or minimizes selfless acts or disinterested points of view.

The skeptic mind is an amazing tool that should be used as often as possible, the butterflies of excitement should come from their shrugging of shoulders following by “I don’t know” and scratching there heads!

Question Everything!

The cynic, well we’ve all met them possibly been ridiculed by them, these are just as bad as the outright believers out there! They will not listen, they will not attempt to understand, they will stomp on your results like that mistreated kid at school who didn’t get the buzz light year doll so he’ll break yours instead!
These people are not worth a second of your time leave them to the dark hole they call life and move on!

Know the difference!!!! It’s more important than you can ever imagine!

So this me! Welcome to my blog I look forward to the brain picking, I look forward to release of very loud brain farts on my journey round the paranormal world and most of all I look forward to the day the paranormal community actually push forward research and not put the brakes on it!

Final note: I’m no English teacher, my spelling and grammar sucks, almost as much the grammar nazi’s can if they really have nothing better to do!

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Thanks for reading!

The Evolution of ParaRationalise! Where are things going?


Ok so I’ve been writing these posts for a while now and after reading through the previous posts and seeing how I feel about the paranormal I’ve noticed a definite change in my beliefs and even my hopes

Researching the paranormal is a journey as I have explained to many people! It requires a flexibility to adjust your belief system based on the new actual facts that are discovered from both your own research and the research of others in and out of the field!

I’m not talking about the usual bull shit that gets thrown around all over the place I mean research that is replicated time and time again and peer reviewed by various other researchers and third party’s!
I started out as a complete believer, I will never deny that because it was a pinnacle point that gave me enough experience to work with and help the people who are still at that level within the paranormal community! That doesn’t stop me getting frustrated and starting a blog so I have an outlet for said frustration!

Now looking at my ‘evolution’ over the time I realise I have softened with my attacks on the paranormal community this is down to two main things

1. I have realised I’m not alone in my views of the paranormal there are other sceptical investigators out there who are willing to stand up to the norm and try to push actual research forward! They are not willing to buckle and bend backwards to accept concepts that aren’t properly researched.

2. I’ve realised that some investigators out there are willing to listen to a valid point and use the criticism from my posts and advice over email and social media sites, most realise that actually the advice makes what they do easier and they don’t need to be involved in lengthy research to get the answer! They also find how difficult it is to go against the norm!

That doesn’t stop me having digs at various groups and evidence on a regular basis, that’s what I’m here to do, tell you with the best of the knowledge I have gained, exactly what something is!
The fact a group will label something as evidence is exactly the fact why I will tell them if mine and others research proves that it’s not!
Your experience and the time you have done this does not make you right, just because you have been on investigations all over the country doesn’t mean you are right, just because for the past 20 years you have read books written by others does not make you right, just because you have wrote a book on a subject does not make you right! Just because you are a lead investigator of a successful paranormal group doesn’t mean you are right! The facts change, the research is surprisingly fast! 20 years ago most of it was wrong, holding onto those facts means you are wrong! Experience can mean nothing in the paranormal world we use too many disciplines! We all need to adjust as often as possible to step forward and achieve that goal we all wanted to start with!
An explanation for the paranormal or as most scientists one day will say ‘the normal’ because that is all it is once we have a plausible answer!

Adjust your views, move with the research whatever personal cost it may feel to your reputation!
It reminds me of a verse in the brilliant Tim Minchins beat poem ‘storm’

“Science adjusts it’s views based on what’s observed
Faith is the denial of observation so that Belief can be preserved.
If you show me
That, say, homoeopathy works,
Then I will change my mind
I will spin on a fucking dime
I’ll be embarrassed as hell,
But I will run through the streets yelling
Its a miracle! Take physics and bin it!
Water has memory!
And while it’s memory of a long lost drop of onion juice is Infinite
It somehow forgets all the poo its had in it!
You show me that it works and how it works
And when I’ve recovered from the shock
I will take a compass and carve ‘Fancy That’ on the side of my cock”

A funny and brilliantly intelligent gent if you ask me!

So where has research taken me?
Well I’ve learnt that I’ve been severely mistaken in my belief of the paranormal, how amazingly interesting the actual explanations for these occurrences are and how incredible the points that created the occurrences can be! Even more interesting than the paranormal explanations!
An investigation is not visiting a “haunted location” in the dark with an events team!
Investigation isn’t about using equipment or spiritual tools to uncover apparent truths it can be achieved with little effort if you know where to look in the first place, you’ll become exceptionally sharp whilst investigating! Conversations and interviews go a very long way and talking face to face with someone can reveal a million lies and a thousand facts!
Just taking a short breath during an investigation can give you a view that no one else in the room seems to have!

This point can go on and on and on but until you take that step yourself you’ll never truly understand it!

So let’s move on to my beliefs!
Not research, not facts but that consciousness blurring belief system of this scrappy sceptic (remember to look up the actual meaning before continuing)

My belief is that something exists, something that we do not understand but has a perfectly rational explanation! The things we experience can be created by us not something from the other side! I believe psychology holds the answer to a lot of the questions and science should stand up and take note that given the funds the research could uncover some amazing advances in both physics and psychology but paranormal researchers out there need help from experienced scientists and psychologists with a skill for controlled experimentation to work with those struggling to advance research in this field!

The people still holding onto the old fashioned views and the spiritual fashion of these occurrences are only causing it to fall further from the truth! Those sharing images, videos and voice recordings of “evidence” of ghosts are only stamping on there own want to find an answer!
Not knowing what something is does not make it paranormal, it does not make it evidence!
Paranormal TV shows are here to entertain you, they are no more accurate to the real paranormal world than Blue sky studios popular Ice Age animations are to the actual Ice Age! No single show is better than others in there research! They are only better for there entertainment value, the entertainment you want is to be scared by the possibility that ghosts are real!

Do the world a favour evolve or simply get the fuck of out of the way of people who are trying to make a difference to paranormal research! You are the glue under people’s feet if you aren’t the rope helping them move forward! You cause the fog around the research that makes it a mockery to the world!

My main belief is we won’t achieve anything unless we stop these ridiculous attempts to find fame and fortune in the media and make up facts to make ourselves feel better!

(Annnnnnnnd take a breath)

So if you’ve got this far without feeling like replying out of agreement then Thankyou!

If you want to send a reply to argue a point I suggest that first you turn and look at yourself, look at your teams, look at your goals, look at why you are doing what you do, look at how you do what you do, look at the methods you use, look at where the information you hold so close has come from and then ask yourself..……………………is a police investigator an investigator if they believe the murderer is someone they hate just because they hate them????

Interview with a believer


The following is an interview that took place on August 18th 2011 between an investigator (I) and a strong (but fair) believer in the existence of ghosts! (B)
Given a rather lengthy argument across email they met for the following discussion:

I: Hi thankyou for meeting up with me today….

B: no problem

I: so for the sake of the tape I will explain what has brought us together today…….to start I posted a post on Facebook stating the impossibility of the paranormal, this lead to a rather heated discussion with yourself about the existence of the paranormal

B: yea that’s correct

I: so after a multitude of comment replies we took that argument to emails and this continued on over a few days until we agreed to meet up face to face to discuss in detail our views on the paranormal

B: uh hmm!

I: so to start I’ll mention your comment that said and I quote “you people disgust me, proof of the paranormal is all around us you just have to be open to it to experience it!”

B: Yea quite literally everywhere

I: ok so can you explain everywhere

B: well…what I mean is if you open your eyes to what happens around us so often, you will experience hundreds of paranormal experiences

I: but can you explain what you mean by everywhere?

B: yea in your house or your place of work, when driving around………just in your everyday life!

I: ok so what type of experiences are you talking about?

B: well full bodied apparitions, hearing voices, objects moving on there own… poltergeists and stuff……..

I: don’t you think that could all be psychological though? Just a kind of reaction to wanting these things to exist?

B: no these “things” exist, I have witnessed them on many occasions

I: that’s fair enough but don’t you feel these can be explained by psychological reactions to your environment? Has anyone else witnessed them with you?

B: yes my partner has seen things moving around the house!

I: did you see them moving?

B: yes but this time my partner saw it first

I: ok so have you got more detail of the situation? Like which room? What moved? Was anyone else other than your partner present?

B: yes we were relaxing in the living room just the two of us and the TV remote fell off the arm of the chair

I: and at what point did you see the object move on it’s own?

B: well I didn’t particularly see it move but my partner saw it move then fall off the arm of the chair……

I: so you didn’t actually see anything happen?

B: no but my partner wouldn’t lie???

I: that’s not what I’m saying, I’m saying YOU didn’t see it happen

B: well…. no….. but I heard it hit the floor and my partner hadn’t moved at all

I: ok so how did you know that your partner hadn’t moved? I assume you weren’t looking in that direction or you would have seen the remote move at the same time?

B: well we were watching the TV so we had no reason to move

I: so what about this experience is actually paranormal?

B: Well an object moved on it’s own! We have a poltergeist in our house these things happen all the time

I: so this has happened before? Can you give me some more examples?

B: yes a picture frame flew across the room one night as me and my partner were arguing! We were shouting in the bedroom and the picture flew towards me as she pointed at me!

I: ok so why do think that happened?

B: well obviously, I read somewhere that poltergeists are created by someone emotional in the house and given the fact my wife was angry she must have wanted the picture to hit me and to add to it, it was a picture of her father that passed away a few years before!!!

I: don’t you feel this could be coincidence?

B: definitely not! Tell me how a photo frame can fly across a room? All the windows were closed? We were the only ones in the house at the time???? By F*ck I could explain it! I doubt you really could!

I: ok but first I would need more details! How far did the photo frame “fly”?

B: about 6 ft?!?

I: was that about 6ft through the air or did it land about 6ft away?

B: what’s this got to do with anything?

I: honestly, just stick with me on this one! Was it through the air or was that it’s landing distance?

B: that was it’s landing distance I suppose

I: and how far away were you and your partner?

B: well it nearly reached me so probably just over 6ft

I: did you see the photo frame fly through the air?

B: well…..yea it come off the wall!

I: ok but what I mean is, at what point did you become aware that the photo frame was moving?

B: well when It flew towards me!!

I: yes but was it in midair? was it landing????

B: it was landing!

I: so you didn’t see it “flying” so to speak

B: well yea how else would it have got there???

I: but you didn’t witness it flying you only witnessed it landing?

B: this is the problem with people like you! You just want to disprove this stuff at any cost!

I: actually I want to help explain this stuff

B: well you are not doing any explaining!!!

I: ok so do you want my opinion?

B: go on then?

I: well I reckon and I’ll have to assume some points! From what you have told me, is that the photo frame came off of its hook whilst you were arguing! I realise that when someone points in an argument that it is usually a way of pushing there point across! I assume you were standing up?

B: yea

I: so if she was to point at you she would have stepped forward? Even slightly?

B: uh huh!

I: then considering the heated mood anyway she would have stepped forward with some force which made the frame fall off of the wall!

B: I’m not being funny mate but my partner isn’t the biggest of women and certainly couldn’t make a frame fly off a wall from one stamp

I: we don’t know it flew!

B: we do…..why else would it land at my feet?

I: well that could be one of 2 things either it slid down the wall hit a skirting board and slid across the floor or the distance wasn’t as far as you remember and it simply fell off the wall

B: how do you mean I know what I saw!

I: ok fair enough I agree that you think you know what you saw! But I also disagree that you know what you are seeing!

B: what are you saying?

I: I’m saying that twice already in this discussion we have discovered you have seen things that you actually haven’t

B: you what?

I: well firstly you saw the remote fall off the arm of the chair? Secondly you saw the picture frame “fly” across the room? These 2 points alone say to me that…….

B: I’m a liar!

I: no not that you are a liar I am far from saying that! What I am saying is that you have misinterpreted that situation and created memories that make it fit to what you want to have happened! Overtime this becomes the memory of the situation!

B: Yea ok

I: so I reckon all that really happened was the picture fell of its hook and given the fact you already feel that a poltergeist is in the house and your want for the paranormal to be real, that you filled the gaps with misinterpretations in order to suit what worked for you! Do you understand? I’m not calling you a liar your more a victim of our own circumstance!

B: Yea I get it when I look back on it properly it wasn’t so fantastic! but then how do you explain seeing full apparitions? I’ve seen loads and I can’t just make up those memories!
I have seen faces and clothing and everything!

I: well you can, It depends on the situations you are in at the time! When you say full apparitions?

B: like a full person stood in front of me! Eyes, face, everything!

I: ok so narrow it down, give me an example?

B: ok one night I was cycling back from work through a lane and I felt really strange like I was being watched, then a woman appeared in front of me so I slammed on my brakes as I looked down then back up she has vanished!

I: scary stuff what did she look like?

B: yea! Certainly scared the hell out of me I even turned the bike around and went another way home!

I: what did she look like though?

B: she was wearing a small white dress like she had been out clubbing or something!

I: what about her face?

B: well she was young, like in her 20’s, like early 20’s she wasn’t looking at me she was looking down!

I: ok so what colour hair? Shoes? Did she have a handbag? Was there anything about that dress that stood out?

B: well like I say I slammed my brakes on then looked down and she was gone!

I: yea but you explained that it was a full apparition?

B: it was I can picture it

I: ok so go into detail?

B: I have!

I: well you’ve mentioned a white dress, young, maybe early 20’s anything else?

B: well it was dark but I could see her

I: how did you see her? Like see through her or was she solid like I am in front of you now?

B: she was kind of see through like a mist but with shape! The weird thing is when I got home I told my wife straight away and she said that a young girl had been killed down there a while back! So I looked it up and my wife was right!

I: that’s interesting, what did you find out?

B: well she had been out with friends on a night out and was walking home, they found her in hedge down there they said someone had strangled her!

I: so what, do you think that you saw that girl?

B: I know I saw that girl I haven’t been through there since! Haha

I: so getting back onto her description what did you see?

B: well I saw a young girl in a white dress!

I: was she wearing makeup?, did you see her eyes? was she holding anything? Hair colour?

B: I can’t remember exactly like I said I got out of there pretty quickly

I: fair enough so now that you are thinking about it, what did you actually see?

B: what?

I: when you think back to that moment, you are riding your bike down that alley, it he apparition appears in front of you what did you see?

B: well a white mist shape?!?

I: yep, what else?

B: not a lot more if I am honest

I: so what made you think it was a girl?

B: I’m not sure it was small and petite I suppose I just put 2 and 2 together!

I: do you see what I mean about filling in the gaps?

B: uh huh

I: over time after you have had the experience that has spooked you, There is a massive chance that you either over heard your wife mention the girl being murdered or mentioning it directly to you, after all that’s not something that goes under the radar especially not in your local area! It just probably didn’t even go through your head until that moment you rode down there in the dark, it’s probably what made you feel uncomfortable all of a sudden then you witnessed this small mist, be it dust or fog….I assume it was at least a little windy?

B: Yea

I: so it you easily could of been dust or fog! By the time you had pulled yourself together you had already already connected the dots to the poor girl who was murdered down there? By the time you told the story the connection was made and by the time you had looked it up you knew she was early 20’s and the chances are the news report mentioned her in a white dress or a picture would have been of her in a white dress?

B: you’ve got a point, the picture was her in a white dress I remember because it shook me up even more!

I: so what happened that was paranormal?

B: I’m not sure to be honest?!?

I: it’s probably a similar situation for most of your paranormal experiences, it’s just over time you have convinced yourself of the reality of them!

B: I don’t know to be honest, haven’t you ever had a paranormal experience

I: yes I have had lots until I really dug in deep and realised where I made the connections

B: I’ll agree to disagree

I: that’s fine I’m just glad I have managed to show you that not everything is paranormal, my eyes are open to the paranormal but they are just not looking in the same direction! You never know, you may even be able to ride down that alley again haha

B: haha yea not too sure about that one!……But then what about all of the evidence of it though like photos and videos out there? They are real not some mind game!

I: I was waiting for this one, most of the evidence out there is created to achieve something!

B: like what? What can you achieve from a video?

I: well put it this way if your business is running dry or you need to attract people to an area what better than a good old ghost story!

B: well that doesn’t explain the evidence!

I: well it does, it’s all to easy to fake evidence on a photo or a camera, universities use similar techniques to teach animation students!
One video can gain world wide interest! Put it this way, 2 words – Hampton Court!

B: well yea I suppose, it can’t all be faked though?……

I: no I’m not saying it is, I’m saying a good portion is! The rest is similar to the experiences you have had, someone films or takes a photo of something they don’t understand and well…….if they are thinking paranormal then that’s what it becomes, they will even fight tooth and nail to ensure it stays paranormal!

B: yea you’ve got a point but I’m not convinced

I: that’s fair enough, like I said I’m just glad we could talk this through instead of argue it out online!


This shows a pretty good example of how 2 different thinkers work in different situations!
Within the paranormal there is a lot of misconceptions as I have mentioned before in my blog, your belief and goals make a huge difference to your perceptions when on an investigation!
Keep this in mind when out there gathering evidence or conducting research! Not everything is paranormal and take time to really think back to moments that you believe might be!

Always remember!

The desire to believe should never overcome the desire for the objective truth!


This is a fictional interview written to emulate the hundreds of discussions I have had with outright believers

Paranormal Unity or Paranormal War?


So I’ve decided to write this post for various reasons!
It’s not something that particularly winds me up but it is something I witness a lot of in the paranormal community and I have noticed an almost deliberate ignorance to it until it bites someone on the arse!

This nicely hidden in plain sight ‘phenomena’ is in fact a raging war between all kinds of paranormal researchers, groups, teams and fans!
It’s actually quite hilarious to witness sometimes as well as getting quite nasty from time to time!

As people who have read my little rants prior would know, I’m not exactly subtle with my approach to the paranormal neither am I a total arsehole about it all the time! (Some may disagree)
But I will warn this post may offend some, it make people smile, it may just go against everything you ever believed but I am just trying to ensure the information I spit out here is as honest as possible to my opinion!

This war is as complex as full blown religious wars be it Christians vs Muslims ,the Israelis vs the Palestinians and Catholics vs Protestants as we know history is littered with bloody battles caused by a slight difference in opinion!

Needless to say paranormal teams aren’t meeting up and stabbing each other with sharpened K2 meters, throwing explosive voice recorders at each other across haunted rooms or blinding each other with 70,000mW lasers!
No they are using much more subtle techniques, being the usually quiet ‘keep ourselves to ourselves’ types they are using the medium (no pun intended) of social media and blogs (guilty as charged) to take a dig at various differences in opinion!

So this being a war, it would require different sides although in this case hundreds of sides all varying in their opinions and ability to back them up!

So i will attempt to narrow down these sides in order to explain where they are coming from, the type of person they usually are and what war like reactions you should expect from them

So First up

The hardcore believers

I’ve mentioned these guys before they are a fantastic breed of people! They know that ghosts exist, they know that there is another side but some lack the vision to see it, they know Aunty Maud is waiting to greet us on that other side!
Nothing you say or do could change their minds, you can hand them incredible evidence against their point, backed up with generations of research that completely disproves their point of view and well, you get back a simple “but how do you explain the time this happened”
There is no doubt they hold a high percentage of the blame for the palm shaped dent in my face!

They can be exceptionally aggressive towards any obstruction you put in their way usually diving to lows of personal bullying across social media sites to make themselves out to be victims or even better making up some more ‘bunk’ to try and disprove the point you have tried to make! This bunk is usually portrayed as personal experiences that even the most thorough of investigators would find impossible to get to the bottom of!

These can be exceptionally dangerous in the paranormal community although no doubt they would disagree, these people plant ideas in peoples heads and usually have all the right answers, the problem is they are a few generations of information deep in the belief in the paranormal, which in turn makes every situation paranormal be it bread falling from a shelf in supermarkets to a power cut occurring when they didn’t expect it!
This just leads to more dredging around in information especially for the ones who are still trying to find actual answers!
They know they are right they will always be right and nothing anyone can do can change that!

The believing skeptics

These are just as much fun to be honest but in a much more easy going way, they believe in the paranormal just as much as the hardcore believers but they lack the solid concrete naivety or knowledge to back up there points, they will experience everything as paranormal and will believe it 100% especially if someone else wasn’t around to explain the simplicity of what just happened, they will attempt an argument but in time they will back down and adjust there views accordingly these can be just as dangerous if given a lead position due to the lack of knowledge and an ability to be absorbed into any situation.
They can be skeptical about situations that occur on investigations or evidence handed to them but they will more often than not believe anything!

This moves me rather smoothly into the strikingly similar:

Event Stalkers

I know for sure that quite a few events teams I know would agree that they have met a few of these over the years!
These guys can vary from dangerous to damn hilarious, they attend lots of paranormal ‘events’ most have been to more haunted locations than you could list! They probably just wrote down a list of them from every season of various popular TV shows they watch all day everyday!

They are sociable little creatures even though they usually come alone but enjoy getting together with people to experience the little adrenaline rush that comes from being in a spooky location overnight!

Some arrive with a small amount of their own kit that quite frankly they haven’t got a clue what it does but it was on TV once and was going cheap on eBay, which is fine if most didn’t react like they have hit the jackpot every time one of the LED’s lights up or a buzzer goes off!

All of the above may sound negative but in my own way I envy the naive approach these people have, I would love to revert back to thinking every noise in the dark and every shadow is a ghost but in depth research and critical thinking erases that ability pretty quickly!

So as I said before certain ones of these can be dangerous, a danger to an events team, a danger to themselves and a danger to the people around them!
Not just to the teams reputation but also physically to anyone involved!
Some of these believe that all of the events they have attended has armed them with knowledge far surpassing any other paranormal enthusiast, investigator or researcher even trying to take control from a lead during the event!
They will wander off from a group or lead part of a group away to test out there newest toy usually entering dangerous parts of old buildings or restricted areas that trusting owners have specifically asked no one to enter during events!
The knowledge they possess is quadruple hand at best based on various opinions from different people they meet on there paranormal journey but they will fire it at you with pin point precision like everything they are told is fact, but be warned if you push too hard they will not only never back down but they will show a lot of their psychopathic personality and attempt to destroy your reputation by spreading as much dishonest shit as they physically can, they will take time out of their busy spooky TV and events schedule to ensure that every other event stalker knows of your name and what horrors you have put them through!
All this to cover up the fact that someone knows that they really don’t know what they are talking about!
These aren’t trying to get anything from the paranormal except a buzz from being scared and sometimes a feeling of authority which is where the problems usually begin!

The spiritual pillars

Well we all know these! They are usually a major part in some teams using clairvoyance to achieve the impossible! They are usually very well mannered, lovely people that claim an ability to be able to talk to the other side, this makes them the pillar of a team they are involved with they will take charge of a seance to ensure communication is achieved and then reel off information to teams about what is present!
As I have mentioned before, I have had many debates with various mediums over the years they tend not to be as forthright as most but hold more of a nice in depth conversation with you in a way that can only really be described as condescending! This is more from an ‘inner peace’ side to their personality rather than a “you really don’t understand you dickhead” kind of way!
But as in all things paranormal you press the right buttons and the paranormal war zone opens up, this reaction to me just shows a certain desperation to not be found out similar to the events stalker!
They can be incredible at using your inability to communicate or understand the rules of the afterlife to twist any previous comments or statements they have made this makes for a never ending debate until one either storms out or takes to removing all comments on social media to cover their tracks!

The popularity sponges

These are brilliant, the most important things to popularity sponges is too gain as much fame for what they do as possible!
The ‘likes’ they have on social media sites are incredibly important to them because the more likes they have the more credible anything they say or any evidence they collect is!
These are usually big personalities there name is known by many people in the paranormal world but if you ask anyone what they are good at the answer is usually exceptionally vague!
They have a great persona and usually take centre stage on an investigation and really wouldn’t mind standing in front of the camera explaining things for YouTube videos and alike! I see the appeal these people have I have also taken the spotlight from them and placed it on the parts of their personality they do not want exposed! This leads to a major outburst from them about how wrong someone is and how they are right, then you prove them wrong! At this point a loud seashell is blown into and a ton of angry followers (usually event stalkers) will team up into a giant hate mob and bombarded you with information that even though you can disprove a mass amount of, you physically wouldn’t have time to answer everyone! This allows the popularity sponges to be proven right by default and become a victim! Usually I wouldn’t push these buttons unless I had a spare evening and felt mischievous! I would recommend steering clear of these as they can dent your reputation pretty quickly!

The Elders

Ok well we all know these, these are the people that have been doing this since before you were born! They tend to be lovely people who are willing to share their opinion with just about anyone but by default their opinion is correct, they have forgotten more than you know and by christ you would never be so disrespectful as to disagree with their mildly egotistical point of view and years of experience!
Unless you are a mildly egotistical 27 year old with an almost 22 year obsession with the paranormal that is!

The problem here is similar to the popularity sponges they have an army willing to back up their point of view on the paranormal usually only stating points made by the elder themselves which in turn makes it easier to disprove or debate the points but doing this then creates an ethical barrier, most of the followers will try and shame you into dropping your point of view, your reputation is easily on the line in this situation and it’s probably worth just not bothering! Hell at some point we are going to know the answers any way and there is a pretty big chance that they will know them before you!

The skeptics

These are quite important to paranormal research this group usually consists of people who are willing to challenge the norm some are exceptionally nice normal people others are so borderline cynical that you wonder why they research the paranormal at all!
The nice skeptics just enjoy researching the paranormal they tend to know more about the paranormal due to a more open minded view on both sides of the paranormal! It is also an exceptionally difficult part of the spectrum to sit in! On one end they experience a seemingly paranormal occurrence with no knowledge of what has actually happened usually triggers a mountain more of research! On the other end they experience an occurrence and it never happened and fall into ultimate denial!
A skeptic is someone who is undecided they would usually require proof of an experience to believe it has occurred!
Step in the way of a skeptic who knows an opinion is incorrect they will try to correct it, argue with a skeptic and they tend to be able to backup a point they are making some with a light debate but also others with an incredible temper and although this is counter productive they usually have a valid point to their argument!

The outright cynics

These have been mentioned previously on my blog! In my opinion they are a fungus on the paranormal world, they will stamp down on anything you say! But they still sniff around in the paranormal world in some extremely egotistical move to make themselves feel better about the fact they can’t bring themselves to agree with anything!

Now before I continue with this outright attack I ask anyone thinking WTF!!! to ensure they know what a cynic is prior to crazy backlash (if you don’t it may lead to some serious publicly witnessed burns)

Dare i say it cynics are a required part of the paranormal world but in small doses, they can bring you down from the clouds in the right moments but they can also bury you in shit if they feel like it!
Their opinion has importance but it’s as solid as they come, a ghost could walk up to them, throw them round a room, explain the meaning of life and hand a 1000 page report proving their existence and the whole thing would still never have happened! They are a waste of your time unless you are completely stuck with details of an investigation! Be careful with them the only reason i describe them as fungus is because they can make you feel your opinion is totally pointless which in turn can easily make you cynical!
This is due to the fact they make their point then continue to mock and tread on yours!

The scientists

This group is pretty self explanatory they require airtight experimentation and repeated results to even sniff at an hypothesis about anything paranormal!
They tend to have the logic to steer clear of most paranormal groups and stay away from arguments about opinions and beliefs they probably already have an answer to your theory!
Most are cynics but some actually have a spark of interest in the paranormal usually due to an open understanding of quantum physics but these are few and far between most scientists put the shutters down at the first mention of the paranormal!

The Parapsychologists

This group are much more reputable in the paranormal world!
They have certificates and everything!?!?!? (I don’t mean that to sound too condescending but I have had many a conversation with exceptionally intelligent people who have never stepped foot near a university)
These are much like the scientists, they require air tight experimentation and quite frankly love statistics! They use scientific method to prove or disprove many paranormal claims and abilities!
They are willing to listen to investigators in the field to give them areas to study, even work in the field to gain results, they are a stepping stone to communication with scientists for future research!
But…… this section I will need to add the ‘other’ parapsychologists that exist out there!
This includes people who have completed Edinburgh university’s introduction to parapsychology course!
This course is an amazing idea giving many people a good insight into parapsychology and what it is they do! If you are as sad as I am and would read a university textbook for entertainment then I would recommend looking up the courses textbook for some fun filled nights of research!
I will have to state at this point that completing this course or reading the textbook front to back and back to front DOES NOT make you a parapsychologist!
I have seen more than a few times, paranormal investigators complete this course and claim there position as a groups parapsychologist! You are not, you have no degree in psychology, you have no masters degree in parapsychology you are in fact someone who knows something about parapsychology! If I’m honest you wouldn’t logically go through the years of education to gain such a qualification if you liked the smell of money or ever believed it would keep you in steady employment, due to the taboo of the paranormal, sadly there isn’t much funding for parapsychological research out there!

The Average Joes

Well these are everyone! To begin with that is!

This post is aimed at you!

These are the people that attend events, research the paranormal when they feel fit, try to help out victims of paranormal experience usually making a team of like minded people to perform the above with!
They have a limited but growing knowledge of the paranormal and are willing to except anything paranormal into there life’s because they enjoy it!

They are in fact all of the above in embryonic form, they will one day grow up to become one of the above or a mix of the above but for now they are just nice people with an interest. They meet up with like minded people they enjoy each other’s company until they open their eyes to the paranormal war!
The problem they have is they can unintentionally walk into the sights of any of the above for just asking advice or trying to have an opinion! This begins their personal growth into there chosen position in this paranormal war!

Now it has taking me almost 4 weeks to draft up this post at this point, this war is incredibly damaging to research and to anyone involved! We have heard of Para-Unity and my honest opinion is it is a pile of bollocks, the sides change all the time, when there is no answer how do you know you have asked the right question?
We cannot be unified because we have strong beliefs and even stronger opinions this war will battle on even with complete ‘proof’ of the existence or non-existence of ghosts! When people believe they are never willing to let go! We will continue to bitch about each other, we will continue to argue about each other’s point of view and we will continue to slander each other even once the answers are found!

We will find it easier to separate ourselves from all of the above if we find points that work and coincide with each other’s research, listen to each other’s points of view and gently explain how current research shows that their opinion is impossible If not let’s join forces and test the hypothesis!
We have a lot in common we just come from different backgrounds!
I will continue fighting even knowing these points because I am attacked on a regular basis for my forward opinion in the paranormal world, if I can open someone’s eyes to the possibility they could be wrong I will. but even then I understand that an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind!

The Taboo of Investigating the Paranormal


Well it’s been a while so now I’ve managed to squeeze a smidgen of time in I’m going to write a post about something that bothers me on a regular basis!

The way people perceive paranormal investigating as a taboo!

Paranormal investigators/ghost busters/anomalous investigators/ghost hunters/ufologists/ghost seekers or any other name that someone wants to self title themselves whilst on their personal mission to find the truth, come in horrendously different forms and this is something I believe is massively important for the general population to understand so, bring forth another list of sarcastically placed preconceptions of the world around myself:

The over the top enthusiasts

Well these are great, they include people who just love, love, looooove the paranormal, everything about it! Bullshit or not they will eat it up, the majority don’t care if it’s real or not just the subject itself is enough to make them salivate like a starving Rottweiler staring through a butchers window!
But this has massive consequence on the paranormal community they do not critically think, if someone tells them a leaf in the wind was carried by lucifer himself well that would be what happened and even worse they would be amazingly eager to share the story including all the imaginary crap that never happened on top! They are relatively easy to spot they usually won’t take any criticism to toward the story or it will evolve as you criticise or even continue to babble crap at you even when they know you actually know quite a bit about the subject!

The Carbon Copies

This interesting bunch tend to watch a lot of TV, Films and Documentaries, they absorbs what is happening like a sponge again with no critical thinking in place, if the lead investigator of a certain TV series pulls out the latest and greatest untested gadget it is usually arriving on their doorstep before the end of the show, if a person on the screen during a documentary comes up with a title under their name, usually along the lines of “paranormal expert” then whatever they say becomes truth and anything learned previously is deleted from memory and the bullshit continues! Never forget TV, Films and even documentaries have to be interesting with a little thought provocation when at all possible!
If actual thorough investigating was to be on tv it would seriously require tireless narration from the come dine with me narrator! Even then it will be laughing at some serious stuff, almost with the same taste as putting that kind of narration over an oxfam advert! It just wouldn’t be appropriate!
These kind of investigators tend to have all the gear and no idea they sprout of the same babble they hear on their walk through the world of entertainment and most of the general populous would believe it because they would have seen something similar on the TV! They still count as dangerous to the paranormal world they’re halfway there, but need to be pointed in the right direction!

The Spiritual Investigators

Well it speaks for itself really, these guys are actually great in my eyes, like I’ve mentioned before I have studied spirituality in its many forms over the years and come across some amazing characters in the process but I’m not going to hold back because, well it’s me and this is my blog!

So when I say spiritual I mean various religions, mediumship, shamanism, angelologists and demonologists.
The list is exceptionally vast but hopefully that could sum it up, these guys I find deeply interesting I’ve previously mentioned belief systems before and my unavoidable love for picking peoples brains and these brains are the most colourful, lovely and interesting of all! They absorb your opinions, they listen intently then always come back with a clout but they do have a limit!
If you tap that nerve then you’ll know who you are dealing with, some actually react with a need to understand your opinion, most, well they explode they call you a cynic, a skeptic (without a real understanding of what it means) they use sentences along the lines of “people like you”! These again seem to lose the ability to critically think!

These kind of investigators help people as equally as they make things a million times worse, they can breed fear into people and leave them fragile and some can even use this to make themselves a pretty penny, they can also give people enough closure to continue on with their lives performing blessings, crossing over spirits and giving readings! Either way both count as a form of manipulation (even though that comment will bring a massive back lash) this form of investigating is for want of a better word unethical!

The Skeptical Believer

Well what a struggle it would be to be this kind of investigator!
On one side you are actively searching for a rational explanation on the other your so drowned in the idea that It really could be something that you are blind to the fact it’s not!
At least this type of investigator is showing some promise but they can cause just as much harm though! They follow guidelines but step out of them for no reason other than a lack of reason! All investigators like this require a good nudge in the right direction to help solve the paranormal riddle! Some refuse the nudge these will forever be stuck in the dark abyss known as their backsides and will probably find that all they will ever find there is……well not the most difficult guess of what would be in there……..shit!

Your probably wondering why I’ve gone to the effort of writing all of these sub sections in a blog post about the taboo of paranormal investigating? Well to the average joe with no real experience with the paranormal or even a passing interest these are the stereotypes out in the big wide world that get plumbed onto you once you mention you are a paranormal investigator each person thinks differently and believes different things and will happily brand you with a completely culture lead white hot burning stamp!

We all feed this misconception to the public!

Now I can’t talk for any other investigators out their but I can say it seriously gets on my tits! I am none of the above yes I share a similar title i even do parts in my investigation from each! None of us are perfect but we should be pushing for it!
I’m constantly looking to sharpen my skills and expand my knowledge if I don’t think something works and have a damn good reason why it doesn’t, I will speak up! If someone comes back and give me a damn good reason why I’m wrong I will put my hands up and say “fair enough”!
Come at with the worst reason and I am compelled to fight my corner!

As said before:

That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.

The average joes out there look upon the paranormal world as nut jobs and full of bullshit I personally hate that fact and want it to change but we do not help ourselves in the slightest!
I would agree that we have a fair share of “eccentrics” in the paranormal world but a lot of people are being branded the same! No wonder any scientific theory involving the paranormal is launched into the small circular filing cabinets under physicists desks!
We make a mockery of ourselves most of the time it’s not to dissimilar from Saturday night singing shows and the ones that seem to adamantly believe they can sing! If they took 5 minutes to ignore others fake opinions first then they would easily realise they are on the wrong path prior to the national embarrassment!
Don’t just throw evidence out to the world and stamp it completely real put some thought into it! Don’t wave an EMF meter about just because it says it works on the TV look into the background of it, why is it being used, how does it work, what is it actually measuring, don’t stop at the first answer keep digging! If everyone just applied critical thinking we could change things overnight instead we will embark on a war against each other which from an outside perspective resembles a bunch of apes throwing shit over each other!

In the words of Aristotle I believe:

It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it!

And this to me is required within the paranormal world!

I would like those out there with no knowledge of what it is I do, to understand what I do! I investigate paranormal occurrences, I do everything in my power to remain impartial at all times I approach things with my own knowledge including every other logical answer and maybe one day I will come across something I can’t answer then I will research further!

I do the leg work, I have put my blood, sweat and tears into investigations and years of research, I have found myself fighting for anyone to believe in what I do, so now I rely on my own passion to push me forward! In the near future I will sharpening my skills once again alongside the Association of the scientific study of anomalous phenomena (ASSAP), tying myself to the code of ethics for the National Register of Paranormal Investigators (NRPI) and attending a course to achieve the first accredited qualification in paranormal investigating and be one of a handful of people to receive it first! I will be absorbing more information about how to apply my skills properly and actually help people in these more than real situations ensuring not to make matters worse for them!

I am an educated person with more than enough qualifications to culturally secure my intelligence, it does not make me idiotic to attempt to understand what science struggles to explain it makes me innovative, I am happy to step outside of the worlds comfort zone, wave a flag from outside of the box and hopefully bring home some answers as to what is being experienced!
Be it nothing special or a whole new outlook!

How the paranormal world made me skeptical!


Ok so I know on my previous post I mentioned I would be looking at equipment, but due to the fact it’s stupidly long and I’m only half way through part one of god knows how many I thought I would write a post in the meantime!

So, here it is!

I thought this subject would be a good one due to many people asking me about my personal beliefs, even when talking these topics through scientifically and skeptically people always ask what my personal belief system is and what I, as an individual believe!

As a note for anyone reading this I do have a belief system in place, I have no solid evidence of my beliefs but in some strange way they comfort me! It is ever changing and will adjust accordingly to my life and any knowledge that is added to the life library in my noggin! Remember

Forget what you want to Believe, seek the truth and have the courage to believe that!

Well lets go back……far back!
When I was 4 maybe 5 years old I was given a book called the Encyclopedia of ghosts! This was given to me after mentioning a paranormal experience like it was a completely normal occurrence! It did not go unnoticed!

This book was read daily once I had the ability to deal with words with more than 3 syllables! If you like, this sudden outspoken moment was the beginning of an interest that would lead me down a rocky road of hiding my interests and avoiding humiliation from people who didn’t share a belief in the paranormal!

The motor had started and the fuel was more than enough to keep me going until I find an answer! it was my secret to keep for as long as I could hold it in!
My research over the years has adjusted my beliefs from ghost and spirits being dead people left to wander the earth until they complete unfinished business to them not existing at all and what I had experienced was a figment of our wonderfully misunderstood brains!

Although I am a big mouthed skeptic when it comes to the paranormal world, I am also a deeply spiritual person with a deep belief that something is continued once our bodies give in on us! I know almost all explanations for what maybe coming and remain comfortable that one day I will witness it! But I’m an impatient person and the “veil” so to speak has been lifted and witnessed by me too many times to just wait out the ride, I wanna fall into it knowing exactly what is happening and ensure that I eat up every part of it!

My research has sent me down some strange paths from practicing mediumship in an attempt to open up the same links I had as a child to invoking demons through witchcraft just to see what would happen! Ive trained myself to experience astral projection and provoked spirits that i felt were a danger to me! Most will see this as irresponsible but I have to be honest things did happen and I’m happy they did! I still can’t explain if these things came direct from the idea I had done them or if these were amazing spiritual encounters all I know is I’m still here I’m still researching and I would be a fool to think I wouldn’t try any of it again in the name of research!

I am tattoo’d with angelic artwork of the archangel michael and chamuel, I wear a silver angel wing around my neck, my lighter has a st Benedict’s coin embedded in it, i have a st christopher medallion on my car keys and a simular pin on my belt and I carry a small hex bag containing an obsidian arrowhead and citrine crystal! I would be hypercritical if I stated my research hasn’t affected my belief! In my belief these symbols and objects keep me protected outside of investigations (because let’s face it! You never know!!!)

I personally opted out of all protection rituals during investigations purely due to a need to bring anything good or bad to the table in order to gain insight! I’m unafraid of most things in the “spirit” world purely because I am driven by a need to understand it! Again a completely irresponsible move in the eyes of the true believers but so far I’m still around, I have been touched, pushed and even thrown in my 20 years of research I’ve witnessed full apparitions, shadow men, disembodied voices, as a child I spoke one to one with these “entity’s”, I’ve been pinned in my sleep by the infamous succubus on numerous occasions and I have been suddenly drained of all my energy in a very dangerous situation! Now considering this amount of activity in my rather short lifetime you would assume I would be a true blue 100% believer in the existence of ghosts!

Well no actually!

Think of it this way I could have felt like I had been touched due to temperature and humidity fluctuations in my surrounding atmosphere, I could of had a muscle spasm causing me to flinch which felt like I had been pushed, I could of experienced a trauma that day I was thrown and protected myself with overlapping memories of something easier to handle which in my case was the paranormal, I could of imagined seeing apparitions and talking to these “imaginary” friends, are the shadow people just my own brains inability to focus on my peripheral vision?, was I suffering with sleep paralysis due to some added stress in my life?, was my energy drained due to the shock of a situation I had found myself in?

These are the things that people like to cut out to make an experience point more towards the paranormal! Research shows me that these things aren’t always paranormal and each one deserves its chance of a thorough explanation!

So as for my belief…..
As GPR’s lead investigator explained when we first met:

“I am not a believer, I am a knower!”

I know these things happen I have no doubt in my mind! But what field investigating has brought forward to me is never trust what is thrown in your face! The paranormal world has shown me they do not deserve an explanation or help from the scientific community, they are the loud boisterous children that hit each other and get their toys taken away! Our Victorian friends ensured that fate!

This has made me skeptical of anything put forward to me from the outset then build a case for each individual piece!
My belief is the ever changing knowledge I gain through research, I believe is that one day we will find out the difference between a child’s creative imagination and the subtle overlap in dimensions that a lucky few get to witness!

So to sum it up!

I don’t know what I believe, I don’t know what theory is the correct path so for now ill just know these things exist and use what knowledge i can until the evidence unravels to me which direction to continue!