Paranormal Events, Investigations and ‘Evestigations’!

Ok so I’m taking a quick breather from digging through the brain to write about something that is actually a complete mess and completely misunderstood in the paranormal!

And if I’m honest, if people will just take this one post on board it really could change the face of paranormal research!

But hey we can only dream!!!!……

Let’s talk about the massive difference between a Paranormal event night, an investigation of the paranormal and the most common paranormal ‘Evestigation’!

Now most out there will say “I already know and have done 1000’s of investigations in lots of locations, who’s this keyboard warrior to tell me what I’m doing

Well this ‘Keyboard Warrior’ is going to tell you because firstly I may use a keyboard to explain this stuff but I am actually a practical investigator of the paranormal, and secondly that one sentence “I’ve done 1000’s of investigations in lots of locations” on its own could mean you have been attending/running an excessive amount of ‘Evestigations’!

Let’s explain each individually:

A Paranormal Event Night

These are ‘for entertainment purposes only’, and to be fair they can be very entertaining and that’s a good thing!

Let’s face it, if you have a chance to live the 3D interactive horror film experience and feel stupidly scared, whilst running around in the dark and trying to contact ghosts and get them to do scary things it can be a proper good laugh as we as humans love to get an adrenaline rush especially if it can be shared with friends!

In fact I would actually quite love to go back to my believer days and attend an event! Then believe and be wrapped in the usual ‘bullshit’ that the apparent ‘investigators’ and ‘mediums’ ply into the audience!

Those were the days!…….

But unfortunately I take this research a little too seriously and it’s such an anchor in my life that I would struggle to remove my critical thinking hat and just enjoy the moment!

Boring I know!

Now if I attend these I tend to be looking at the behaviours of individuals and how they react to certain situations more than hunting for ghosts! (I swear I’m actually quite a fun person)

So to sum up events, they are in place for fun, and only fun, it doesn’t really count as research but it’s the gateway activity for budding investigators out there! The events teams can misinform and wind up the audience as much as needed to scare the hell out of them and quite frankly if that’s where it ends it’s not an issue………….!

A Paranormal Investigation

This is the real deal or as close as it gets, actually looking at apparent activity as an investigator and trying to find an answer to what has happened, these can start by being contacted to visit a site, residential property or landmark usually by the owners to find an answer to what they feel has been a paranormal occurrence or even deciding that something sounds like a paranormal occurrence and going to the location to investigate!

This will tend to involve a great deal of research including interviewing witness’, data collection, taking into account the occurrence and what has been experienced followed by a logical hypothesis to be controlled, tested and reported in detail using the scientific method and using critical thinking at all times!

Mostly these investigations are done under a strict confidentiality agreement between the client and the investigator(s) along with a code of ethics, code of conduct and a thorough risk assessment to ensure all involved are protected!

It will usually involve an investigation of just the occurrence that has occurred, if an experience occurred during the day in a certain part of a building that will be your concentration! Unless additional experiences occur during the investigation!

This isn’t exactly exciting or fun to do, you need a pretty big hard on for finding the truth in the paranormal to do it, you see they do not involve much fun if at all and running around buildings in the dark is considered a little………well……….stupid!

They mostly don’t involve lots of equipment and you will find yourself neck deep in the situation for more than one night only!
That can amount to weeks, months and sometimes years dealing with an investigation!

I can count on my hands the amount of these investigators that I know and they work extremely hard to find the truth, usually to have it mocked or batted away by the sheer mass of misinformed ‘Evestigators’ out there!

Which leads quite nicely into:

The Paranormal ‘EVESTIGATION‘!!!!

This should be said followed by streamers, party poppers, wild applause, champagne cork pops and a whole lot of laughter!

But no……..

This is going to start with a small disclaimer instead!!!

*****I have a great deal of friends and fellow investigators that partake in these paranormal event / investigations and also a lot who hold the belief that what they are doing is indeed a full-fledged scientific paranormal investigation! I’m not having a dig at anyone but just blogging opinion! Hopefully we can all gain something from this! A lot of people I know are evolving in their approach and that’s amazing as it’s not an easy step to take ******

I personally, and believe almost everyone in the field started out their practical investigating by attending events or ‘Evestigations’ to get into the paranormal field, this isn’t a bad thing but it is a ‘quick sand’ situation, evestigations are a mix of fun, sociability and scariness with a little ‘science’ (pseudoscience mostly) thrown in for attempted authenticity.

They portray what people want to see in an investigation as well as not flexing any individual’s personal beliefs to the point of an uncomfortable crunch!

Unfortunately most in paranormal world are using the TV as there educated stand point to tell them how to investigate ghosts, hell we may as well all start using spookier more serious voices, start walking around with mediums, shit a brick at the slightest noise and run as fast ass as possible out of the building in the opposite direction from the actual……ffffffffucking thing we are supposed to be investigating!!!!!!!

Phewww! And breathe!……….

Anyway Evestigations……..The ‘Evestigation’ is what makes up the majority of the paranormal world, they tend to be a lot more of a social situation than an actual investigation, on top of that most teams have 100’s of pieces of equipment which they will tend to say makes them a ‘scientific’ paranormal investigation team when in fact they are a ‘technical’ team, this equipment is also mostly misused and mainly used to try and communicate with spirits using flashy lights and noises with no real reading to be logged or recorded, most still spend their time looking for ghosts or spirits instead of taking on board research and helping it move forward, (that’s the barrier to get over STOP looking for ghosts or the paranormal and you’ll begin to see things more clearly and gather some worthwhile evidence of the paranormal) sounds crazy right?!? Trust me try it and see!It basically involves having all the gear ‘as seen on TV’, finding somewhere that fits the old fashioned view of a haunted location (Old, maybe abandoned, spooky & isolated for example), turning the lights off, calling out to ghosts to do something and assuming that any creaky floorboard, cough or fart is a reply then label it evidence and spend weeks convincing yourself and others across social media that it was a paranormal experience and you have the evidence prove it!

You see I only really have such a deep seated issue with this style of ‘investigation’ because people are so blindly passionate about it but fail to realise or just walk by the fact that it is a stagnant form of investigation and in fact every noise, piece of footage, recording and personal experience has no real weight to count even close to paranormal evidence no matter how many people witnessed it (and before we jump on the “I saw it with my own eyes” bollocks, get reading the brain and the paranormal series and learn what the brain can be capable of.)If people used this passion in the right direction we could make some real advances in the paranormal field and in a relatively short time, the thousands of teams out there every weekend will be doing things properly and gaining data that could begin to reveal the puzzle, don’t forget some of the most life changing scientific advances were found by a typical joe bloggs in his garage scenario.

Put controls in place, use scientific method to find answers even if they are the ones you really don’t want, it can be boring but trust me if you start finding a correlation between something and a seemingly paranormal event it’s a whole lot more exciting than someone pretending to sense a ghost or lost loved one or even the joy of seeing a normal situation as anything more than normal, and the best part, you will have evidence! You would have logged your method, your findings and any third party could test those findings and help push forward the field each time adding to the evidential data.

BUT we all know a lot of individuals out there don’t want to disprove anything paranormal, be it either for a financial advantage, an emotional advantage or they just enjoy living in a world with there head buried deep up there own arse and aggressively defend it as the fresh air of facts greatly offends there nostrils!

Now before I start boiling and whistling out of my ears like a loony toons character and maybe you haven’t already clicked off this page to start commenting what a jumped up jackass I am, I’m going to try to help explain how we can make things better and hopefully a little more accurate.

Feel free to use recording devices to pick up on what is happening that’s good investigation, now the equipment used on these “Evestigations” isn’t necessarily doing what you might think it is, we have not one piece of equipment in the whole world that is actually capable of communicating with the dead, trust me if we did, that person who built it would be rolling around in more money than Scrooge McDuck.

Unfortunately people are still paying through the nose for defective crap and modified junk! A few suppliers actually do a great job with high quality products one of them is ParaTech UK run by Glen Smith and I personally use some of his equipment, of course he has the usual paranormal kit but his quality is second to none, even sceptical horrible investigators like me need nightvision cameras to see what everyone in the room is up to during events and Evestigations after all us sceptics are only here to ruin everyone else’s fun! Sighhhh!

One piece I am keeping my eye on at the moment is the ghost array so check it out!

Why would a sceptic be interested in this? Well, if this turns out how I thinks it’s going to turn out, we could be looking at something that can log multiple pieces of data in multiple locations at once! And given glens eye for detail and quality it’s going to be not just impressive but also a huge game changer! 

Look for equipment that has actual readings, not LED’s and read up on what the equipment does (On non-paranormal sites) and how accurate the equipment is, even get it professionally calibrated if possible. Know the equipment for its non-paranormal application and log the data it finds.

Know what you are investigating, be it taking witness reports and reacting appropriately for example (I saw a dark figure walking down the hallway) find out exactly where it was and where the witness was standing and when, set a camera to try and see this figure also at the same time and place, if it appears find out why it appeared? What is it? Ask a thousand questions to yourself use Occam’s razor to follow a logical line of investigation don’t just assume it was a ghost and miss the shadow of a Pidgeon flying past the window. As I said above DO NOT LOOK FOR GHOSTS! Find why this is happening and then you find the true answer, walking away assuming that you caught a figure on tape will just ply money into the hands of the property owner and of course the Daily Fail!

Take that information and retry the camera set up same place and time etc etc your hypothesis is going to be based on a small amount of information that’s why it is only a hypothesis (NOT A THEORY)

from this design an experiment to test the hypothesis, for example set a  camera outside the window to show the suspected bird flying past the window at the same time the figure shape appears in the hallway, once you’ve tried this and shown that what it is then you know with a pretty high level of confidence that this is not a ghost but the shadow of a bird, if it doesn’t correlate then get back to the drawing board. It’s really that simple go round and round until an answer is found (or not in some cases)

Possibly the easiest example here! Also if you feel you want to start changing your approach to investigations take a look at the following pages and seriously consider membership:



So to wrap this up and to have a bit of a giggle, if you managed to get this far leave a comment on the Facebook page saying “remember that time the EMF ran up to the 5th LED ” if you didn’t get this far you won’t be reading this and well you’re gonna be a little confused by everyones comment! 
Thanks for reading guys I will catch you soon for the next part of the brain and the Paranornal series! 

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