There’s a ghost in my house! Nope not this time!

Ok, so many may have noticed the big fiasco happening in the paranormal world at the moment, in the sunny lands of Lancashire a ‘ghost’ has invaded a certain woman’s house and is causing all kinds of disturbances both in her house and across social media, and quite frankly I’ve held my opinion long enough!

This lady opened up a Facebook page to show the world what was happening to her and to upload videos of the apparent hauntings!
For those who haven’t seen these I do apologise but I don’t wish to send anymore traffic the way of the page as I condone the behaviour of this person! (There is a good chance people will know what I’m talking about)

Basically what I’m saying is it is a massive pile of lies designed to drag people in and gain attention!

Now I know the usually follow up to this is:

“How fucking dare you!”
“If you don’t believe then get the fuck off the page!”

And also,

“You don’t know nothing about this no one is an expert!”

Well I like to think that although no one is an expert I’m definitely up there enough with the research in paranormal to prove each piece of this waste of time to be a massive hoax!

So I sat watching the comments and videos keeping my usual loud mouth shut, (except the odd help and advice to people being disgustingly abused for having an opinion) this was mainly due to the fact that anyone who mentioned it may not be true was booted and blocked from the page (now what fun would it be to let this happen and not get all the info I can)

At this point I would like to say that I would not like to assume or theorise but would rather thoroughly investigate except she will not let anyone investigate even pointing people towards a news channel to communicate a lot of my investigations are done with a strict confidentiality agreement and i am not comfortable with media coverage due to their insatiable appetite to twist the truth, in this case I just have to come out and put my theories forward!

So i looked through the videos, and firstly noticed the simple answer to each!

The cup video here here

The cup is obviously gently tugged using a fine fishing line attached to the handle of the cup! No magnets involved as I’ve heard a few times, assuming this is a tin cup you would struggle to create this using magnets! (Tin is magnetic but not strongly magnetic definitely not for something like this)

Whoever the accomplice is, is gently moving the cup to the right side by pulling on a string and then once she is in position with the camera they are moving around behind her out of shot (watch the rather strange movements of the camera during the break in movement, she is stood still then at the perfect moment begins to fidget slightly) and once the accomplice begins pulling the cup in the other direction! An obvious hoax but many fell for it!

Then comes the flowers here

Well this is easily achieved, you could place anything in that vase with those flowers, be it remote control or a live small rodent!

Then the Ouija board here

This is the same as the string, the planchette is only being pulled into place and she is pulling it back to its original position if you notice the direction it moves it is not spelling anything it is just moving seemingly on its own! (But it’s not)
When her fingers grip the planchette the force of the string lifts the nib of the planchette showing its a frontal pull, then the grand finale pull the planchette off the board! Scary if it wasn’t so basic!

And then the guitar here

This can easily be a recording layered over the video, it’s also very similar to the sound if you pulled, once again a string through the guitar strings very gently back and forward the pluck sound can be made with a couple of knots in the string!

Next up is the coin in the jar!

Well this is obviously more string play, note the fact that although trying to prove a point by putting the jar around it somehow you forget to secure the lid in place (you know to make the point it’s sealed?!?)
Once again we witness the object moving from one point only lifting at the same point!

So next to the spoon!!!

Again string play, look at the singular lifting point and it doesn’t take a degree in physics to know what happens if you freely lift just the end of the handle of a spoon!
Again a grand finale of the spoon floating up and falling off the counter!

I’m sure we are all getting the picture by now!!!

So it brings me onto the now non existent ouija video (strangely removed) that ‘incidentally’ showed the string in action luckily a few people managed to screen grab it:


I will repeat myself in saying I hate the idea of theorising without investigation but from my experience this is what’s happening!

These tricks are playground tricks at best she obviously did not do her research about the real paranormal world and the actual investigators out there, there is no wool over their eyes!

I think it’s about time it ends, it’s not good for the paranormal community, it’s not good for her and it’s not good for anyone being swallowed into it!
She should realise that this isn’t just attention this can be nasty attention (pitchforks and all) and the Facebook comments show it leading that way!

Visit the Facebook Page here!

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