This is me & this is my blog! ParaRationalise!

Well seeing as I posted this a long time ago I thought it was time for an update!
As we know in the paranormal world most people would hold there beliefs until there dying day but mine evolve with the research so a lot has changed over time!

I was previously a paranormal researcher and Investigator with Gloucester Paranormal Research (GPR)
I have made the move away from GPR as our research interests took 2 different routes, they are a great bunch and I wish them the best of luck on there journey!

Now I am the Founder and Lead researcher and investigator of this little corner of the paranormal world called ParaRationalise!

I have many years under my belt in the research of the paranormal specialising in “ghosts”,”spirits”, “entities” or what ever you wish to call them!
This research included a wonderful list of topics such as:
Anomalistic psychology
Behavioural Psychology
Spirit photography
Near Death Experiences
Fortean Phenomena
Mental illusionism
Body language and Cold reading techniques
Hoax methodology
Paranormal equipment
Quantum physics and theory
Scientific methodology
And pretty much everything else this massive research path has taken me towards!
Don’t get me wrong I am not waving masters degrees in the faces of anyone this is just years of an intense interest that has followed me since my brain was able to make sense of its first scribble of ink on a piece of paper!

I have had more than my fair share of personal paranormal experiences and usually when I speak about them to various people they are astonished that I am a sceptic at all, it’s true that most people would become outright believers from these situations, I did for a number of years which sent me down a path of studying anything spiritual and ‘ghostly’ in my reach, this soon changed as I began to realise that a lot of these situations are already explained in modern day science and psychology, I realised the potential of the brain to warp these situations and how easy it could leave someone believing something that isn’t there!

In 2012 I made the transition from paranormal book worm to a practical field investigator! My aim was to use all these years of research to hopefully forward the field of the paranormal from pseudo science to actual scientific research that could finally help fully explain the paranormal phenomena be it really in existence or just a massive imaginative world created over years through lies, misinterpretation and attention seeking!
This proved quite sickening from my point of view I realised how the paranormal world was awash with misconceptions of what I considered at that point to be obvious knowledge, from this the idea of this blog appeared as a tap for my frustration and that probably reflects in my posts so far!

Well that should begin to change!

My view point has evolved I am still frustrated at the fact that the paranormal community do not accept what is right in front of their faces but I also realise that I have an opportunity to share what I have learned and hopefully open a few minds along the way!
Now I am working on a website that I can pack full of information for anyone to use and hope this helps a lot of investigators out there still scratching there heads!

A lot of people ask me ‘why bother?’ Well the paranormal is something that sticks with me its a massive part of who I am because of those fateful experiences previously mentioned I see people wasting time on the same things I did and I feel a need to help them understand!
I’m not going to cover up the fact that some of my posts may include the odd swear word and digs at some types of investigation techniques, methodologies, opinions, beliefs or any other thing that decides to rub me up the wrong way in the world of the paranormal!

I am human, things irritate me, but nothing more than when I see a level of acceptance in the paranormal that relies purely on belief and faith that something amazing has occurred! This makes the research stagnant! All these teams out there and nothing really being found! It’s time to change that!
As It was once said:

That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence!

That’s what I do! Without valid evidence I dismiss it! Show me something amazing with backup I’m putty in your hands, or at least until I find a rational explanation then we have both learned something.

The research should come with an open mind and I don’t mean that in a ‘believe everything’ or mediumship kind of way I mean we should have an open mind to the fact our own brain will not always tell us the truth and that science has a lot of answers for the various phenomena a lot of us are or have been experiencing!
The real reasons these things happening are far more interesting than you can imagine they make the idea of ghosts and ghouls grey, boring and somewhat prehistoric once you realise what is happening!

So before you start jumping out of your seat in disgust or throwing your rather expensive laptop, phone or whatever you are reading this on across the room remember one important thing, I do have a respectful side, I appreciate the opinions and views of people within the paranormal world, remember I was a deep believer once!
I actually enjoy being proved wrong as long as the proof stands up to point!
I love to delve into the minds of others that have these interests and beliefs, I like to see how their belief system was created, how their opinions blossomed and most importantly bring the clashing information together to create the connections required to push research forward!

My belief is that the ‘evidence’ pool of the paranormal is contaminated far more than any of us would ever expect I see photos of orbs stamped as ‘evidence’ I see photos of figured shapes stamped as ‘evidence’ I see videos of meters jumping, bleeping and flashing to a beautiful synchronised pattern stamped as ‘evidence’! This isn’t really evidence!

This is the art of investigations perfect moment to step in with a heavy foot and clear mind to see what could be causing these other than anything paranormal! The team skeptic or some guy who’s joined you on an investigation because you want to convert him to the ways of your horde these people have a point, a somewhat rightful place if you are willing to call your trek around an eery haunt or a poor souls home an “investigation”! A thing to remember is this:

Using the there are these 2 important words and there meanings!


1. a person who questions the validity or authenticity of something purporting to be factual.


1. a person who believes that only selfishness motivates human actions and who disbelieves in or minimizes selfless acts or disinterested points of view.

The skeptic mind is an amazing tool that should be used as often as possible, the butterflies of excitement should come from their shrugging of shoulders following by “I don’t know” and scratching there heads!

Question Everything!

The cynic, well we’ve all met them possibly been ridiculed by them, these are just as bad as the outright believers out there! They will not listen, they will not attempt to understand, they will stomp on your results like that mistreated kid at school who didn’t get the buzz light year doll so he’ll break yours instead!
These people are not worth a second of your time leave them to the dark hole they call life and move on!

Know the difference!!!! It’s more important than you can ever imagine!

So this me! Welcome to my blog I look forward to the brain picking, I look forward to release of very loud brain farts on my journey round the paranormal world and most of all I look forward to the day the paranormal community actually push forward research and not put the brakes on it!

Final note: I’m no English teacher, my spelling and grammar sucks, almost as much the grammar nazi’s can if they really have nothing better to do!

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Thanks for reading!

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