The Ouija Board! Is it really a highly efficient path to hell?

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The Ouija board, Spirit Board, Devil board whatever you want to call it is something that seems to be shrouded in mystery in the general populous! One main word that follows it is ‘Dangerous‘!

This title is due to the thousands upon thousands of unofficial reports of negative experiences using the boards and of course the sensationalised media ejaculate that comes from film, documentaries and television shows and populates the mind of everyone with a small interest in a horror fest!

These wonderful stains on the minds of individuals has slowly created an instant taboo in the use of them!

Well I say taboo, obviously there are many people that bask in the idea of using these boards to contact ‘other Plaines of existence’ and enjoy the same entertainment the spiritualist movement brought forward years back!

So I will start by pushing the usual history and stories to one side as I feel they really are completely pointless to well…..anything!

But I will say that the Ouija board is actually DANGEROUS!


It’s very dangerous! We will get to that later but first I’ll go through what is openly believed by the majority of the world when it comes to the Ouija Board!

 Spiritual Communication 

 This is obviously the most well-known explanation for what is happening, that’s the fact that spirits or demons are talking to us from “the other side”!

Be it great uncle Donald or Satan himself, apparently the board can break through the veil to the spirit world and use the energy of the user to communicate with the living but these could also be demonic entities telling you things no one would ever know and pretending to be loved ones long passed!

To be fair what an exciting explanation! Bloody scary no doubt but who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of danger that could come with it?!

There are even locations that prohibit the use of Ouija boards through fear of tearing open a portal to the ‘other’ side, and this is then no doubt reinforced by some medium with the ability to close these portals scaring the hell out of innocent location owners with a little or no knowledge of the standard paranormal trickery! Such fun!

Death Omen

 Part of the spiritual side of this board is the thousands of stories of individuals using them and later being injured or die under suspicious circumstances, this is just media fuel, these stories are exactly that, just stories! They were around well before the internet and will go on and on in order to sell the board as a scary tool which films or TV shows can be based on!

They are also the connection of dots that just aren’t there which we already know is an ongoing issue within the paranormal world, for example:

Individual plays with Ouija board, gets told they are going to die or be hurt,

Individual unfortunately dies or are badly injured in a car accident a week later

Leading to…….

Individual dying / being injured because they used the Ouija board!

Let’s look at that from a different perspective:

Individual eats cereal,

A week later the individual dies or is injured in a car accident

Leading to………

Individual dying / being injured because they ate cereal!


Sounds a little silly when it’s put that way but each have identical logic!

There are a few ways for this to apparently occur and I’ve tried each one more than a few times….. “You know, for research purposes” turns out there must be a backlog of people planned to be killed or injured by the board (I think I’m ticket 5480 and the screen is on 2 still) not final destination style panicking just yet!


 Firstly if you allow the planchette to run through the numbers 1 through to 0 apparently that allows the spirits to come through and attach themselves

Secondly if you allow the planchette to run through the alphabet out comes a demon or spirit

 Thirdly if the planchette / Glass flies off the board and smashes, the spirit, demon or a certain deceased BBC presenters can pass through and attach themselves to unsuspecting individuals



Fourthly and this one is by far the best, you communicate with the infamous ZOZO (or MAMA, MOMO) or any other the other basic names this “demon of the board” will begin to make your life hell, I’ve come across it a few times, this demon is as real as Slenderman or Leonardo from the teenage mutant ninja turtles (no they aren’t real either) these are internet born ‘demons’ that have got a little out of hand and the other is a make believe turtle genetically altered to perform Nin-jutsu, Kung fu and eat Pizza! Cowabunga!


And fifthly and thankfully our final one for this point although there are many more…….NEVER…….EVER………EVER ask when or how you are going to die! Or mention anything about GOD, apparently they are a little sore about that certain deity on the other side! Couldn’t think why?!?

To be fair following this line of logic just using the board will get you injured or killed.

(As previously mentioned I’m assuming that queue is pretty long at the moment)

So there is no doubt that you can read my humour (I Hope) so far in this post and actually I’m doing that on purpose, you see we shouldn’t fear the Ouija board at all but as I’ve mentioned it is DANGEROUS!

How could something I just belittled for at least 600 words of this post be considered dangerous, am I crazy, a little bit of a daredevil maybe, or am I that guy that always get killed first in films because my manly Ego means I’m not scared of anything………………………………………..


Unfortunately that’s not the case for any of the above, I have actually educated myself about how it works and why it works and tested that hypothesis many times (Look forward to the experiment video at a later date).


This means I am not afraid of the board because the only danger from the board is from ME!

The Ouija board is a dangerous tool because the individual(s) using it, the misperception of what is being achieved and the individual’s mental state at any given time.

The idea that this board is telling you things that only you could know is because it is you moving the planchette, I don’t mean ‘you’ as in ‘you yourself’, you know ‘consciously’ but a deeper part of your subconscious that knows ‘you’ better than even you do!

Memories long forgotten can be pushed forward and due to your own want to try and suppress/bring forward that information you will usually find it becomes more pronounced!

It’s the old example of “don’t think about a pink elephant”


Is it balancing on a Red and Yellow ball?

Stop thinking and think!

The brain is insanely more powerful than you consciously allow it to be, it’ll do its own thing if it thinks it needs to, that’s why you are still alive, or even breathing whilst you sleep!

This is what happens when you use a Ouija board, you tap into that subconscious reaction (not a spiritual connection), it’s a basic survival instinct, it’s known as the Ideomotor effect!

This is a very basic phenomena that can be demonstrated easily especially when done with a group of people!

Scientists and psychologists have demonstrated the Ideomotor effect again and again and again,

But still just like any belief orientated thought process that idea is thrown to one side in order to maintain a cultural desire to talk to the dead.

Now let’s be a little more serious!

An individuals mental health can be adversely affected by using the board and this isn’t anything to do with spritualality this is a horrible cocktail of media misrepresentation, paranoia and usually some host/medium of a party, event or show making the poor individual feel that the whole situation is exactly what they are made to believe it is from the movies!
This is why the board is so dangerous, an individual uses the board for the first time and the only information they know is what they see on TV and some irresponsible idiot in a falsified position of authority telling them that’s exactly what’s happening!

The leading idiot claims to pull protection over the individuals involved and opens a portal to the spirit world, because of the ideomotor effect the glass/planchette seems to move and everyone swears to god that they didn’t move it!

Understandably this just solidifies everything they had ever thought about the board, to them they have broken through to the other side and talking to spirits then sometimes this creates a lot of fear in a group and the messages become darker this usually narrows down to the planchette being consciously pushed to the ‘goodbye’ on the board and the leading idiot does the only one slightly responsible thing and makes out they have closed the portal down and stopped anything following anyone home!

Everyone stands up and a huge sigh of relief goes on throughout the group!

How intense!!!! What a rush!

(Note: the following statistics are not accurate they are used for the purpose of this post only)

About 50% of individuals will leave that night and sleep soundly and have an awesome story of how they spoke to spirits and some got nasty but it’s ok because the person in charge made sure they were protected!

Another 25% of individuals get a little freaked but also have an awesome story to go back to friends and family with!

10% will never speak of that situation again and put it one side as a scary thing that happened and want to forget about it

10% will love the buzz of it so much they will head out and purchase there own board and look on the internet on how to use it following the usual bullshit rules and spread them further and become part of the problem!

Then we have the 5% remaining:

This 5% are the unfortunate ones who leave after using the board still feeling like they have experienced something horrible, the protection didn’t relieve them at all, in fact now they are now extremely paranoid and all they have to lean on is the usual media junk that is stuffed down people’s throats.

Suddenly they feel like every misunderstood occurrence is because of the board, any bad luck they experience is then because of the board, the anxiety is caused by the board, every negative to any day is caused by the board!

The first instinct is to contact a medium or a priest! (You know like they do in the films!)These usually just make the situation worse (usually thanks to the media born idea that spirits get angry when you get these individuals involved), the individual feels like they are fighting something and naturally they fear the retaliation.


The poor individual by this point is a nervous wreck, high stress, lack of sleep they basically become the perfect example of the majority of individuals I do my best to help when investigating, usually at this point the irresponsible priests / Medium makes all of it even more worse by claiming that something has followed them home and they can help! They can bless the individual or the property and get rid of the spirit or demon once and for all, by now the individual is usually at a loss of what to do and completely trusts everything the priest/medium is doing, if the false authority figure reacts to things like they are paranormal they poor individual is pushed further into the idea that indeed this si the real deal just like the movies!

Now sorry to use percentages again but its a simple way to explain,

80% of those individuals that have been through this situation will have themselves or the home blessed and unsurprisingly start to feel much better, the false figure of authority has been in and removed the spirit and the house is protected, once the individual believes that they feel relief, they stop worrying and then they begin to feel ‘lighter’, this relaxed feeling is then put into the usual form “once they completed the blessing, the whole house felt lighter and the atmosphere changed completely”, Unfortunately that is only your own mind set changing and nothing to do with a so called demon buggering off home because the scary powerful medium / priest told it to.

Just for clarification the demon/spirit was not there in the first place!!!

This method always leaves doubts (the demons are still real to the individual but just not in their house anymore) these can still grow back into the same situation.

The above situations are the only reason I commend the work some mediums do, their own belief in the paranormal helps to make the individual feel better and safer and at the end of the day that is the most important aspect, the false authority figure finally uses the façade for some good.

The issue is the 20% that go through all of this, and once again what the medium / priest has done has unfortunately done nothing (or not enough) to elevate the fear the individual is feeling, this in their own minds means the last hope they had of getting rid of this feeling has gone and the paranoia continues.

This is usually the time I get contacted and find myself interviewing someone who is a nervous wreck although just weeks / months before were just as normal and relaxed as the next person, the best part of doing this is seeing that relief when they realise you can help.

Once you can show an individual how the board works and once you explain in easy to understand words, that it is in fact not anything to do with spirits or demons and really is just a psychological phenomena and the paranoia that follows you can see the relief that falls over them, although incredibly rewarding it is still massively unfortunate that I have to do this as with just a little information on the scientific side of these things all could have been avoided.

This is why the board is dangerous and this is why they should be used responsibly, that’s has unfortunately been twisted up into demonic possession and spiritual attachment!


So to answer the title question, Yes it is a highly efficient path to hell but only a path to a personal psychological hell!


So to offset those “yea but how do you explain” questions that are bouncing around most individuals heads at this time, here are a mass of examples:

 “Yeah but how do explain it knowing my grans middle name, no one in the room except me knew that”

–          As mentioned before using the board will pry information from your own memories, you answered your own question without realising it.

“Yea but I wasn’t using the board at the time”

–          This is a pretty common comeback but unfortunately personal experience tends be flawed as mentioned in the brain and the paranormal series, and these claims never have any footage or evidence of a basic level.

“But I know I definitely wasn’t pushing the planchette”

–          Unfortunately as mentioned previously this is a subconscious act, the movement of the planchette causes you to follow it which in turn you gently push it, and these are subtle subconscious movements! This is accelerated the more individuals involved in moving the planchette.

 “But I’ve used the board on my own, and it still worked”

  • Of course it did you are moving the planchette (subtle subconscious movements)!

“But my friends dad’s uncles pet dogs sisters mother used a Ouija board for a laugh and they swore they were followed by a demon, they had to get in a priest to get rid of it”

  • Firstly always critical think first! Secondly there is a huge chance none of that ever happened or if it did it was an overreaction by the individual out of complete misinformation and then blown into an amazing story worthy of a film contract!

” Everyone has a right to there own opinion and I think its real”

Annnnnnnd around and around and around we go!


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